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This is the Community for Flowers for kannivalism a fan-project dedicated to sending kannivalism flowers before thier lives and on speial occasions!

Check back here often for news and information!

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Good news/Bad news! [August 04, 2007 @ 2:29pm]

First and foremost, Ryo's birthday flowers were delviered today! Ohanayasan ceated a beautiful bouquet for us once more!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Now for the bad news, we did not meet the amount of money needed for Kei's birthday project, and I unfortunaely cannot make the diffrence, therefore Kei's birthday project is being scrapped.

To the three of you who entered and sent your money in you will recieve your refund within the week. IF you do not recieve your money back by friday please contact me directly asap at asocialdevice@gmail.com

To those of you who entered both Ryo and Kei's projects and sent in money this does not affect the offer you all were given for the next major project, you two will still be entered automatically without being asked for a deposit!

m(_ _)m

IMPORATANT! I was just made aware that some people had trouble, via paypal, getting money into me on time, that their transaction were not coming in to me! If this has happened to you please e-mail me (asocialdevice@gmail.com) both the date you sent the money via paypal and the transaction number for the donation you made! I will take this up with paypal to ensure that you get your money back!

[July 29, 2007 @ 1:49pm]

Voting on Flowers and Message for Ryo's Birthday Project is over!

Winning message :
Happy Birthday Ryo from all your fans over seas in Thailand, The United States, and Canada

Winning Flowers :

thank you all who voted! I'm sending the order in right now! :D/
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[July 03, 2007 @ 8:57am]

Projects for Ryoa nd Kei's birthday's are up and running!

I'm sorry it took so long!

I want to encourage everyone to join and of course encourage as many other people to join aswell! We need atleast 7 people for each project in order to make the minimum for an arrangment, a small bouquet!

My five dollars is already in the pool! So we only need 6 more on each to go! Let's all get together to wish Ryo and Kei the best of birthdays! Anyone who participates in these will have a free ride(Tht means you wont have to make a donation at all!) come Sept/Oct when Flowers for Kannivalism will send a large bouquet and a three gifts to all of kannivalism!!
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[June 16, 2007 @ 11:45pm]


Tour dates for august~

8/4 東京 Tokyo
8/6 宮城 Miyagi
8/4 北海道 Hokkaido
8/11 大阪 Osaka
8/12 大阪 Osaka
8/15 広島 Hiroshima
8/17 愛知 Aichi
8/18 愛知 Aichi
8/21 福岡 Fukuoka

We could send Kei flowers on his birthday, since he'll be playing in osaka that day.

Let me know? I haven't put anything up yet. If we do send flowers for their birthdays I'm looking at the first live on the 4th in Tokyo for Ryo's and of course the second live in Osaka for Kei's. (^-^)v

WE can still send gifts come later months as belated birthday "gifts" and still send flowrs now :'D <3
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[June 13, 2007 @ 10:28pm]

Hi everyone, I know updates have beens parse but I was moving everything over to a new host! :D

This weekend up Both Ryo and Kei's birthday projects will be going up! no certain dates however until I spot an opening, otherwise they wont be getting their flowers until the next Ching PO PO live~ which would work out because of of right now I can not afford to buy gifts for the guys, but if we send the flowers belated, I can spring for something expsensive for our boys~ :D

So really I want a little feedback from those of you that plan on participating! :D

Do youw ant to get their flowers to them as close to thier birthdays as possibel or would you mind waiting until I can afford to payf or the gift (yes the gift will be on me m(_ _),, all you all have to do is pay for the flowers.)

WE would need to make at least 35 dollars for the cheapest flowers , that means atleast 7 people must join up per project!

Make sure to let anyone who'd love to participate to join up! If we have less than 10 people perticipating everyone's name will go on the card! :D!!
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[March 30, 2007 @ 1:20pm]

Sorry this is coming so late in the day, I've been swamped. m(_ _)m

Yuuchi recieved his gift and flowers! Ohanayasan sent me a picture of the flowers early this morning, they're gorgeous!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Here a screencap of the e-mail she sent me :D

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
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[March 26, 2007 @ 9:05pm]

I'd like to get some input from you all. I know it seems a bit early to discuss Ryo's and Kei's gifts, but I'd like to buy gifts, if any, early on as a gaurantee! :D

A few idea's have come to mind for both of them :

・Vivienne Westwood Tie
・Vivienne Westwood Brooch

・Alien and Space Artbook(s)
・D&G Homme Colonge
・Dior Homme clothes

I'd love to hear from you all! :D What are your ideas for gifts you'd like to give them?, do you like these↑? And which gift(s) would you rather have sent to them?
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[March 24, 2007 @ 10:06am]

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Ohanayasan Reieved The gift! :'D! Thank you so much Ash for all your kindness and all the trouble you went through to get the present out to ohanayasan!!

On that same note Tomorrow is the last day to sign up and get your money in!! :O
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[March 22, 2007 @ 2:22pm]

http://ffk.wakecandy.net is back up!!

and will remain up for Yuuchi's upcoming birthday project! (unless something else happens..) So no fears, everything will go right on ahead as before. After that however we will be moving to http://www.wakecandy.org (ffk.wakecandy.org)

I'm going to try and see if I can change servernames, so that both ffk.wakecandy.net and ffk.wakecandy.org point to the site! We'll see!

[March 21, 2007 @ 8:28pm]

flowers for kannivalism is not down, the domain name expired on me unexpectedly.

the site: http://x.phoenix-dns.com/~candy/ffk/

and yes you can still join up! :O

EDIT and we're back up but just n case it happens again, ya'll know to head on over to th is alternative url :'D

on and off downtime. I'mw orking ot move everything asap. I'm sorry for all the trouble you guys!
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[March 17, 2007 @ 3:12am]


The winning flowers, C! The order's been made adn the gift should be on it's way! (Thank you Ash!)

Everythings set and ready to go, I'm sorry for the two of you that didnt get your votes in, I had to make the order by tonight. m(_ _)m! I hope you all understand!

five votes in total came in, three for C, 1 for B and 1 for D!

Money isnt due until March the 25th! No wories adn no hurries! comment or e-mail me if you need anything(info, pictures, etc.) changed! :'D!
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[March 15, 2007 @ 1:43pm]

Voting on the flowers for Yuuchi's birthdya project have been sent out to those of you that hve alrady joined up! For everyone else, you can still join up, you just missed the voting on the flowers! :O!

I'll announce the winning flowers tonight or tomorrow!
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[March 11, 2007 @ 8:57am]

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Kei's flowers and his gift were sent! :D
Thank you everyone for joining up!
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[March 07, 2007 @ 7:35am]

Kei get's his roses and little Alien detector cellphone strap this weekend! Thanks to everyone who joined!

I still havent gotten any more than one letter in for the "thank you for nu age" project. If I don't get anything more by Monday at the very latest, I'll reopen the project to let more poeple sign on to it and simply send a bouquet, no letters attached. I wanted to have atleast 10, we have at most right now.. three. Yann's, Biki's. I understand it's difficult to get letters out, maybe not this time. I'm sorry m(_ _)m

If we can just reach five letters by money,that's get two more in though, I'll send those off along with the boquet. :O!

I'll post again Sunday/Monday night! And of cours ebefore then if i get word on anythign about Kei's bouquet and gift! :D
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[March 01, 2007 @ 5:59am]

Hey everyone, today's the last day to sign up for the Free Project that's sending Kei flowers and a little alien detector cell phone strap on the 11th! You have until Midnight US Central time, that's in just 19 hours!

Please sign up if you havent and give Kei a quirky little gift and your message!!

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[February 27, 2007 @ 7:30am]

We have another free project and I'm hopeing many of you will join up! No money to participate!

We'll be sending Kei a little UFO Detector along with some white roses to the March 11th live at F.A.D YOKOHAMA Live! Please join us, this is a free project! Anyone can join up!

http://www.wakecandy.net/ffk/project9.html <-visit to join!!

Here are pictures of the bouqet(however the one i ordered will be in white!) and the gift!!

And please check out all the other projects going on right now too! I'll be updating with names of paticipants and all those that joined by tonight! :D
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[February 18, 2007 @ 9:34pm]

I've changed the deadlines for flower voting and message voting. However it doesnt change the deadline for money in. however for thos eof you signing up after the deadline for flower voting you wont really have a choice on which flowers we'll eb sending, so please sign up asap so I can make sure to get the voteing poll out to you! :D

[February 17, 2007 @ 8:11am]

Sorry it's taken me a weekto get back to everyone. I've been busy but I'm sur everyone knows the winning T-shirt. lol!

It won by a landslide. and so we're ready to get going! The project page is up! go ahead and join up! Everything's due in a month!However if problems arise we'll move the arrangment and gift to be delivered during the first liv ein april, which is on the 15th.

Come join Yuuchi's Birthday Project! :D

Voting on Yuuchi's gift! [February 10, 2007 @ 9:15am]

[ mood | content ]

To all of those participating in the "thank you for the Nu Age album project, e-mails were sent out today! Check your inboxes and get your letters out to me ASAP! :D If anyoen didnt receieve an e-mail please let me know!! :O

Poll #924575 Yuuchi Birthday Project Voting!!

voting ends Sunday Midnight(Or in about 48 hours!) and Then the whole new project begins! :D I'll post again witht he winning t-shirt and a link to the new project page for everyone to sign up! Becasue the shirts were fairly inexpensive the donation will only be bumped up a 1.00(So 6 in total :O)!! You'll notice that on the new project page when it's listed!!

now get your votes! (^-^)v

Yuuchi birthday project [February 08, 2007 @ 11:29pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Heyo! If you didn't already know, my name is Ash and I was recently added as a maintainer here at FFK. I participated in most of the projects, but this project is by far the most important to me (because I have a hand in helping XD). Anyways, as you all know we're going to be sending Yuuchi a birthday present and we all decided on skateboarding gear. I work at the department store Kohls, and for those of you who don't know we sell Tony Hawk gear. I know Tony Hawk is maybe like the Gackt of skateboarding (anybody and everybody knows who he is, even if they don't care about what he does) but what does Yuuchi care XD.

Anyways, I've picked out the three nicest shirts I could find that we carried for all of you to vote on. I've provided info and pictures of the shirts, and Bonnie will be taking care of the voting later on. If you need better pictures, feel free to request as all three shirts are currently in my possession :3 They'll be loved before they are passed on to Yuuchi ^ ^.

Shirt number one:
Black Tony Hawk shirt with skull & birds logo, white built in undersleeves retail price: $12.99 size Medium

close up of detailing:
This shirt is a size medium, which is larger than the other two. My Japanese friend assured me that it should fit Yuuchi just fine, and it's not like bagginess is out of style. This is the first shirt I saw that tickled my fancy and I could just see Yuuchi in it, couldn't you?

Shirt number two:
Grey Tony Hawk shirt with old school 'hawk' logo retail price: $12.99 size Small

close up of detailing:
This shirt, unlike the other two, doesn't have a built in white undershirt. I really like the old school-ness of the logo, and the fact that it says "skateboarding" on it might catch his eye XD.

Shirt number three:
Black Tony Hawk shirt with graffiti style logo retail price: $12.99 size Small

close up of detailing:
This is my personal favorite of the three XD. If I was a guy I'd definitely want to wear this shirt. But don't let my opinion sway you XD. I think the graffiti styling is really trendy right now, and when I saw this shirt my first impression was that it was very Japanese in style. If this shirt doesn't win I may keep it around just for kicks XD.

I hope this helps and again, if you want to see any of the shirts better just let me know! May the best shirt win!

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